Reviewing out of date medications

Out of date medications are reviewed by a technician or pharmacist each day. These out of date medications are returned to stock (RTS) if it has been in the pharmacy bins for 2 weeks+. Patients have a certain amount of days to pick up their prescription if that certain amount of days has passed by then their medications will be electronically on the out of date list in computer system. Here is a quick explainable process when reviewing these out of date medications:

  1. In the computer system you will find the out of date medication list
  2. You would have to find these specific medications in the pharmacy bins given from the out of date list
  3. You are now reviewing the first medication, always double check if the bin medication matches with the computer system medication . We want to make sure every information matches such as drug & patient information
  4. Once you have made sure the information matches you can scan medication bar code. You would have to call the patient to verify if he or she is ready to pick up their medication. If they are ready just put it back in the bin to be ready for pick up, if they do not answer the phone then their medication will return to stock
  5. After reviewing always type in the box in computer stating if the patient was contacted, also type medication RTS with your initials and date. A new medication info label will print out to cover patients label  and the drug is ready to RTS.
  6. Put medication bottle in front of all the same matching bottles on shelf  since we have to use it before it reaches expiration date. We wouldn't want to waste a full bottle of medication for nothing since it will cost the pharmacy money.
  7. Follow this process with the following medication given in the out of date medication list.