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" Thank you everyone in this site for the positive feedback! I appreciate you guys for using this site that I worked so hard building. This site was launched the beginning of this year 2010 and let me tell you it came out to be something better than I expected. I'm just like any other pharmacy technician out there willing to give anyone a hand. I do not want to compete, I just want to share my knowledge to others that will hopefully  give you a step closer towards pursuing your goals. I am thrill to seek the future for you's as well as for me, once again thank you. Blessings "


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Hello my name is Crystal Zamudio and I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Also a mother of three beautiful girls. If you wish to become a Pharmacy Technician or if you are currently a Pharmacy Technician put your mind into it and give it your all and try to make a difference in the world whether it's small or big. Do not let anyone tell you that you can't make it because you can. If I did it then so can you!! For those who are unemployed I definitely understand the fraustration and pressure but at the end of the day all you can do is not give up because the job does not find you, you must have the strength and the confidence to keep seeking. I know I haven't given up!



I have created this website to share what I have learned and studied. There will be information from my study notes and books from the college I attended and of course my hands on experience. This is basically a site to come together and study to help each other. Hope this will make a somewhat of a difference in your career. You will find this information helpful if you are planning to take the PTCB Exam as well as a source of continuing knowledge. I have provided information that will serve as basic knowledge for a pharmacy tech student as well as those with pharmacy experience. If you have any questions just click the contact link and you will be directed to my email.

Just remember I am learning along with you's as well. I like to pass on helpful information and tips that was given to me. Hope you can do the same. Let's be a team. 

Thank you.