Dosage Forms Abbreviations
Tablet tab
Capsule cap
Inhalent inh
Ointment oint, ung
Lotion lot
Elixir elix
Liquid liq
Lozenge loz
Patch-Transdermal top
Spray spry
Vaginal Tablet vag tab
Suspension susp
Syrup syr
Vaginal Cream vag cr
Enema enema
Tincture tinc
Suppository supp
Powder top
Meter Dose Inhaler MDI
Gelatin gel
Buccal Tablet buccal
Chewable Tablet chew tab
Cream cr
Caplet cap
Emulsions emul
Enteric Tablet EC tab
Gel Cap cap
Troche troches
Routes Of Administration Abbreviations
Right ear AD
Left ear AS
Both ears AU
Right eye OD
Left eye OS
Both eyes OU
By mouth / Orally PO
Intravenous IV
Intravenous Piggyback IVPB
Rectal / Per rectum PR
Subcutaneous SQ / SC
Topical TOP
Gastrostomy Tube GT
Nasal Gastric NG
Nasal Gastric Tube NGT
Intramuscular IM
Intradermal ID
Sublingual SL
Intrathecal IT
Sig (Rx Directions) Abbreviations
Before Meals AC
After Meals PC
Every Day QD
Every Other Day QOD
Twice A Day BID
Three Times A Day TID
Four Times A Day QID
Every Two Hours Q2H
Every Six Hours Q6H
Every Twelve Hours Q12H
Every Morning QAM
Every Afternoon QPM
At Bedtime HS
Every Week QWK
As Needed PRN
Quanity Sufficient QS
With C/
As Directed UD
Of Each AA
Immediately STAT
As Desired ad lib
As Soon As Possible ASAP
Discontinue d/c
Nothing By Mouth NPO
Hour hr or h
Every Hour qhr
Without s or w/o
Dispense As Written DAW
Add Quantity To Make Specific Volume qsad
Roman Numerals Abbreviations
1  l
2 ll
3 lll
4 lV
5 V
10 X
50 L
100 C
500 D
1,000 M
Measurements Abbreviations
 Milliliter  ml or cc
Milligram mg
Grams g or gm
Grains gr
Teaspoon tsp
Tablespoon tbsp
Fluid Ounce fl oz
Pounds lbs
Gallon gal
Liters L
Pint p or pt
Micrograms mcg or ug
Milliequivalent meq
Kilogram kg
Dram dr
Drop (s) gtt (s)
Misc Abbreviations
Patient pt
Doctor dr
Water aqua / H2O / aq
Sig directions
Prescription Rx
Over The Counter OTC
Return To Stock RTS
Food And Drug Administration FDA
Drug Enforcement Administration DEA
Personal Protective Equipment PPE
National drug code NDC
No Known Allergy NKA


                   Commom abbrev. for medication names

AMP: Ampicillin

APAP: Acetaminophen or Tylenol

ASA: Aspirin

CA: Calcium

CDPX: Chlordiazepoxide

DC 65: Darvon compound 65

DCN 100: Darvocet-N 100

DES: Diethylstillbesterol

DOSS OR DSS: Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate or docusate sodium

ESS: Erythromycin ethylsuccinate

EPI: Epinephrine

F: Fluoride

FA: Folic acid

FE: Iron

FeSO4: Ferrous sulfate

HCTZ: Hydroclorothiazide

INH: Isoniazid

K or K+: Potassium

KCL: Potassium chloride

KI: Potassium iodide

MOM: Milk of magnesia

NaF: Sodium fluoride

NaCL: Sodium chloride
NSAID: Non-sterodial anti-inflammatory drug

NTG: Nitroglycerin

ON: Ortho-novum

PEN OR PCN: Penicillin

PB OR Pb: Phenobarbital

SMZ/TMP: Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim

Tylenol #3: Tylenol with codeine 30mg

APAP #3: Acetaminophen 325mg with codeine 30mg

TCN: Tetracycline