Pharmacy Technicians code of ethics

Make the care of patients your first concern

  • Ensure the health & safety of the patient by preventing medication errors, make sure they know how to take their medications & use their medication devises by consulting the pharmacist, update all new patient information in computer system (allergies, new medications, address, phone number, etc), also be able to answer general medication questions such as (generic name of drug, side effects of drugs). The pharmacist will basically counsel the patient towards their medications such as (side effects, drug & food interactions, etc). Techs are not allowed to counsel patients with specific drug questions such as "is it safe to take aspirin with warfarin" also techs are not allowed to give drug recommendations. Provide help towards  patient emergencies (keep calm). Respect a patient's right to refuse to receive treatment or the care of a particular technician. Keep any patient health information confidential. Understand and listen to the patients concerns & questions.

Show respect for others

  • Respect people's beliefs or moral beliefs, race, nationality, disability, gender, sexuality, & lifestyle. Keep patient and colleagues information confidential, be professional. Maintain proper professional boundaries in the relationships you have with patients & colleagues also other healthcare professionals. Respect pharmacy rules & regulations, also respect your duties performed each day ordered by the pharmacist. Respect complaints & criticism. Any concern should be informed towards your supervisor personally or possibly bring up any concerns to the meetings in a professional matter.

Develop & advance your professional knowledge

  • Stay updated for any new drugs & recalled drugs in the market. Visualize your weak & strong abilities and pursue them to an advantage matter that can be useful along with your pharmacy career. Always be curious to learn about a task you were given upon, it will strengthen your ability to learn & teach that will  give you the confidence to proceed your pharmacy career. Involving yourself in pharmacy organizations can also give you the ability to develop your pharmacy career & simply meet new people that you can relate to. Being a certified pharmacy technician gives many open doors not only will you get paid more but importantly being recognized as an achiever that can absolutely assure safety to patients and assure reliance to the pharmacist & your colleagues.

Be honest & trust worthy

  • Ask any questions towards your job duty that you may need some help in order to finish task properly. Ask for any general help- being a pharmacy technician is not about competing, it's about ensuring health & safety towards our patients who need us. They put their health on our hands to properly give them the right medications. Take any personal information given to you quietly and assure your peers that you are trust worthy. Be honest towards any confusion or be honest even when your job task was performed badly. Do not feel discourage when a task went wrong let it be a lesson that will not be a mistake ever again. Always double check your work. Help your colleagues with their work, simply ask if they need any assistance from you. Always find something to do when you finish a task.

Take responsibility towards your working practices

  • Take responsibility towards your medication errors. Take action if something goes wrong such as present patient emergency, medication automatic machine breaks down by calling your particular help service, help & explain interns with job duties, etc. Do not blame anyone for your actions. If there is anything you are not sure how to do simply ask someone who can explain before proceeding. Be responsible when a particular task is given to you, do not quit & hand the task over to your colleague or say you will finish later and you didn't. That shows you are not capable of the job and shows pharmacist you cannot handle given tasks. Be sure to call in if for some reason you cannot come in to work (assure one of your colleagues can cover for you) or if you are going to be late. Be responsible when you accept over time.