Blanca Perez 

    My name is Blanca Perez and I am from the state of Arizona. I actually did not take any course for pharmacy technician, I was asked to help out in the pharmacy (worked as a walgreens clerk) and ever since that day I knew I belonged there. I've been a walgreens pharmacy technician for 1 year and not yet certified. I now do take lessons from my co-workers to get comfortable and advance with the industry. I've learned so much and I love IT! The task I love the most is interacting with our customers (I am a people person). It does get busy and yes I do panic a little but I try my best to remain calm. I would like to take the PTCB exam in the near future forsure. For those who are in the process in becoming a tech, I advice you to take this career seriously because this is not a joke. I recommend to know what the drugs treat and if you need glasses please get some because there are so many look a like names. You do not want to cause a medication error and get in trouble big time. Good luck to everyone!




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