What is partial filling?

Partial filling is when the pharmacy does not have the full drug quantity on hand to dispense. Therefore we will give the patient a specific quantity that will last the patient until pharmacy receives full drug quantity. A pharmacy usually has a warehouse/manufacturers drug list that provides a date regarding what specific drugs will the pharmacy receive. Here is an example:

RX: Metformin 500mg
SIG- Take 2 tablets by mouth daily   #30

<When you are typing the prescription in the computer system it may alert you or appear on the screen that there is not a full drug quantity, if so please alert the patient and ask if they are willing to get a partial filling or if they will like to come back when pharmacy receives new medication stock>

<If patient does not want a partial filling, let them know when will the pharmacy receive full quanity of their medication, because if the medication comes within 3 days some patients will change their mind and get a partial filling. Why? Well because some people can't go without their medications for that amount of time. Also if they really need their medications before new stock comes in then the pharmacy will special order the medication for the next day to arrive.> (which it will cost the pharmacy more but we have to do it for our patients health)

Now we have Metformin 500mg but there are only 15 tablets in the stock bottle and the patient needs 30 tablets. It is Monday afternoon. You noticed that the warehouse/manufacturer list states that new medication stock will arrive on Wednesday. So in this case we will give the patient a specific amount to last her until Wednesday.

Partial fill 6 tablets: (notice doctor wants patients to take 2 tabs a day)
                   Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday 
                   2 tablets     2 tablets      2 tablets

It is now Wednesday and patient is here to pick up the rest which will be 24 tablets since the patient already took 6 tablets by mouth.
30 tablets (quantity) - 6 partial tablets = 24 tablets to dispense

Note: A patient is not require to pay for partial filling. They are expected to pay when they receive full quantity.