"Not all routes of administration absorb medication at the same time"

 Here are some common routes with an estimated time frame

Oral (by mouth): 30-60 minutes
Sublingual (under the tongue): several seconds to several minutes
Buccal (between the gum and the cheek): Several minutes
Rectal: 15-30 minutes
Transdermal (on the skin): 30-60 minutes
Subcutaneous (beneath the skin): several minutes / 20-30 minutes
Intramuscular (in the muscle): Several minutes / 15-25 minutes
Intravenous (in the vein): 15-30 seconds / 1 minute
Intra-arterial (in the arteries): Approx 1 minute
Intrathecal (in the spine): Several minutes
Inhalation (in the nose): 7-10 seconds /  1 minute
Ophthalmic (pertaining to the eye): 5-7 minutes
Otic (pertaining to the ear): 5-10 minutes
Topical (for the skin): Approx 1 hour
Vaginal: 15-30 minutes

Suppositories: 15-30 minutes