Medications that should not be crushed    



CR/CRT=  Controlled Release
EC/EN =  Enteric Coated 
LA =  Long Acting
MR =  Modified Release
SA =  Sustained Action
SR =  Sustained Release
ER/XR/XL =  Extended Release  

  • Crushing a sublingual or buccal tablet may cause the drug to be ineffective
  • Enteric-coated tablets that are crushed can released the drug too early and may be destroyed by stomach acid or irritate the stomach lining
  • Extended release should not be crushed because they may cause an increased risk of adverse effects or potentially deliver a toxic dose of the active ingredient. (this also goes with the other abbreviated formulations above)
  • Crushing products with carcinogenic/teratogenic may expose handlers to health risks through aerosolization of the product

Breast cancer meds = Cancer medication Tamoxifen is dangerous if inhaled by the person crushing it. Other chemo drugs should not be crushed because it could be fatal.

Pain killers = Crushing Morphine for example could lead to a faster release that is potentially fatal

Blood pressure meds = Nifedipine for example increases the risk of stroke if crushed

EXTRA : Regular medications active ingredients are released in the stomach

Enteric coated tablets active ingredients are not released in the stomach instead they are released in the small intestine