Are Dollar Store medications safe and effective?

Yes they are but it is always recommended to check the expiration date and follow dosage directions (located on the back of the drug box) just to be in the safe side. Also even if you buy medications at Walgreens, Osco, etc it is still recommended to check expiration date. All retail stores/companies selling medications must adhere to the appropiate FDA regulation in order to be marketed in the U.S. I know you are probably thinking "well why does the dollar store sell it for just a dollar?". Well the price is not up to the FDA is up to the company who is selling the drugs, by selling it for a dollar they know that people will definitely come again and again and they will make a huge profit from it. Another thing do not buy any drugs that are open, please remember expiration date is important. Some employees might misplace expired drugs in shelfs at times or might even forget to remove them so please check-check-check-