Why you should not flush expired medications down the toilet

Flushing medications down the toilet can create a potential public health hazard by allowing drugs to get into the water supply. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proved that such medications can harm the environment and society. Safest place to throw medications is in the trash can. Make sure you put the trash can some where away from children to avoid medical attention especially toddlers since they are curious about touching everything. When throwing away medications keep it in it's original vial / bottle. If the medication is a glass container then you should place it in a seeled cardboard box and throw it in the trash. Always remove prescription labels to protect your personal information.

*There are city / county waste disposal programs to throw away medications if your trash can is not an option for you.

P.S: Taking expired medications can cause toxic damage or even death in some medications, always dispose expired medications just to be in the safe side.

Where to store medications

 Medications can lose effectiveness if you do not store them correctly. Store medications according to your prescription directions or OTC storage directions. Some medications should not be stored  in the bathroom cabinet because of the moisture and the heat. Do not store medication that has a chance to receive light exposure because the light is a source of heat and it can damage the medication. Always store medications in a cool, dry area and of course away from children. You can also talk to your local pharmacist about your medication storage requirements.