InstyMeds New Medication Dispensing Vending Machine: "Do it yourself machine"
Easy to use step by step for patients who need there medications quickly or need medications at night when usually some pharmacies are closed. Its a 24/7 hour machine with a phone attached to it for any help assistance. Accepts any type of insurance including government insurance. Common medications are dispensed in this machine such as antibiotics, antihistamines, inhalers, pain relievers, etc and OTC medications. These machines are located in lobbies or waiting rooms in urgent care centers, hospital emergency rooms, some in same day surgery centers, pediatrician offices, eye surgery clinics. For more information visit

Important Message

Healthcare professionals who are very sick such as having a serious cold or flu should not push oneself to show up for work. We should stay home to avoid contaminating our patients and co-workers. This can lead to a one on one spread and will just keep spreading from there. This can lead to a health epidemic that we surely do not want. Wash hands frequently and remember we face germs 24/7. It is impossible to stay away from germs completely but we have the ability to prevent these germs from getting us sick.