Important: Knowing the difference between cold and flu symptoms will help you buy the correct OTC medication.

COLD                                FLU
(Rhinovirus)                        (Influenza)

Sneezing                          Fever
Stuffy nose                       Body aches
Sore throat                       Chest pain
Coughing                          Chills
Last for 7 days                  Last for 14 days
Helpful tip provided by Dr. Neil Schachter: Any symptom above the neck is generally a cold, any symptom below the neck is generally a flu.

Dr Oz showed an example of what happens when you do get infected with a cold or virus.  The trachea gets infected, which can begin to infect the lungs.  And if your lungs get infected, it starts off usually as bronchitis but can turn into Pneumonia.  Dr Oz said that most people who die from these infections actually die from Pneumonia.