People Check Your Childrens Halloween Candy

Well quess what! I have food allergies and it comes to find out that this occured from the Halloween candy I ate (I pretty much ate lots of chocolate <reeses's cups>  OPPPS :). Now my face is all red, warm, rashy, itchy...even my arms, am taking Benadryl allergy relief and some Cortisone for the itchiness. PLEASE check your candy (throw away any expired candy or open candy)..thank goodness I ended up with the expired chocolate rather than my children..I am not sure if it was expired since I threw the wrappers away or it might of been some ingredient (probably peanut butter) but whatever it was did not applied to my body. I do not recalled being allergic to peanuts I eat them all the time, O well that's what I get for having a very sweet tooth. Check the candy just in case okay!
Hope I get better!