Dangers Of Antibiotics!

There are people who take antibiotics for a sore throat but that does not treat the sore throat so why do people continue to take antibiotics? Probably because they want to avoid getting an infection but if they just treat it how it is normally and intake daily home remedies such as tea with honey they would not need antibiotics. Taking antibiotics when you do not need it can put your life at risk! When you take antibiotics it kills the good bacteria in your colon and leaves the bad bacteria called C difficile colitis or C-diff. C-diff is a bacteria that causes symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, cramping, dehydration, blood in stool. This bad bacteria can be located in hopitals or other health facilities, also can be in your food so please wash your hands at all times and wash off any fruit, or salad leaves just to be on the safe side. C-diff has similar symptoms of food poisoning but both conditions are different. It is recommended to only take antibiotics when you need it because C-diff can lead to extreme diarrhea and eventually lead to death.