Are your household silverware spoons the proper way to measure medication liquids?

We often hear about this in the news about parents overdosing their children with cold/cough liquid medications. Nowadays parents measure liquid medications with their household silverware spoons, they think it is safe because one small household spoon equals a teaspoon which it is certainly wrong. Parents do not know how serious it is to overdose a child especially when they weigh less than adults and their bodies are not prone to handle as much medication as we do. Pouring medication in your household silverware teaspoon can equal two teaspoons, which two teaspoons equals 10 milliliters per dose. That is alot to give to a small child, usually they are given 5 milliliters (1 teaspoon) per dose. So my point is to find a safe way to measure these liquid medications, here are some tips below:

1. Keep the measuring cup from the medication box that is provided, do not throw away the cup because this cup can be useful when you need it.

2. You can practice measuring for example measure medication in the products measuring cup that was provided, lets say you measure 5ml then put the medication in one of your household silverware spoon untill all medication fits perfect and viola you have your own measuring spoon make sure you wrap some tape around the spoon and write "use for liquid med only" with pen or marker. If that does not work I would perfer to buy cooking measuring spoons at your local store.

3. You can measure with cooking measurement spoons as well, these are safe because these spoons are specifically measured for use. 

4. If your child does not take medication with spoon then please use a measuring dropper instead.

FYI: Studies show that children that are given acetaminophen very often can cause asthma, so what do you think will happen if parents continue to overdose their children? I think they will have a rapid chance of being diagnosed with asthma. Lets keep our children safe!