The difference between Vitamins & Minerals!

First thing first vitamins and minerals help make people's bodies work properly such as boosting the immune system, support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs do their job. Example> Carrots are full of substances called carotenoids that your body converts into vitamin A, which helps prevent eye problems.

*Okay so vitamins are pretty much organic substances (made by plants or animals). Vitamins fall into 2 categories called fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E) and water soluble vitamins (C, and B-complex vitamins such as B12, B6, niacin, riboflavin, and folate).You need daily intake of vitamins in your body because any vitamin C or B your body does not use as it passes through your system is LOST, usually when you urinate. 

*Where as minerals are inorganic substances that come from the soil and water and are absorbed by plants or eaten by animals. Your body needs larger amounts of minerals to grow and stay healthy such as calcium. Example> Calcium helps form and maintain healthy teeth and bones (milk). Trace minerals such as iron, copper, chromium, iodine, selenium, and zinc are only required to be taken in small amounts each day.

So this was just a short understanding between vitamins and minerals, you can intake healthy foods to receive these vitamins and minerals such as veggies, whole grains, milk, etc.