Adulterated drugs?

As you know there are many drugs being recalled due to particles in the drug, or contamination, etc, which would be consider adulterated. One might think well when will this recalled ever end but the truth is it would never end because warehouse associates are not perfect human beings and because of that they will make mistakes. I can agree the way they package drugs should definitely be awared at all times and proceed carefully! As pharmacy technicians, we also make mistakes, so what action will you choose? Every pharmacy will encounter dropping tablets on the floor accidently weather because it is very busy and they try to keep the pace going to serve every patient quickly as they can. What should one do next, should you pick the tablets up and put them back into the vial? Well it all depends were the tablets fall & company's policy that will lead you to proceed action! If the tablets fall on a surface full of bacteria that cannot be possible to clean then you should throw it away of course, that's like serving food that fell on the floor. Tablets that touch the floor or any bacteria or dust is consider to be adulterated meaning the tablets are poor in quality by adding another substance either on purpose or accidently. Here is what two Registered Pharmacists had to say below:

*Paresh R.Ph. has been a Walgreens Pharmacist for 25 years. Here's what she had to say "should not be done"

*(Name not given due to privacy) A Registered Pharmacist since 1963. Currently operating Prescription Plus, a long term care pharmacy in Milwaukee, Wi. He said "No, it's probably not the right thing to do, but practically speaking pharmacies work on very small gross profit and some cost/unit is very expensive. If pickup up quickly and shaken in a tissue any residue will be eliminated.

This is a tough subject to address.  Where does it end..  If you count pills in a pill tile, do you clean the
tile after each count ?  ....probably not.  So one could say that there is residue left in the pill tile.  "I think the pharmacist in charge should explain to all techs their company's policy"

I agree. I once encounter this situation and I just threw the tablet away, I just felt it was the right thing to do. Everyone has different opinions and take action differently but I definitely agree to know your company's policy about this matter. All pharmacies have different policies and I am sure no pharmacy would like their drug stock to go down and because of that they handle the situation differently to remain within the budget.  What would you do?