The truth about "Hydrogen Peroxide"

We all been knowing for years that Hydrogen Peroxide can disinfect cuts/wounds. We can all agree that our parents often poured Hydrogen Peroxide on our cuts as a child, but that may all be a myth. Basically what I am trying to say, Hydrogen Peroxide does not disinfect cuts/wounds. If you watch Dr.Oz and The Doctors on TV then you will know what I'm talking about but If you don't here is why Hydrogen Peroxide does not work on cuts.

Hydrogen Peroxide does not heel wounds, it kills the tissue of the wound we are trying to heel. Our bodies release a chemical that can neutilize the hydrogen peroxide before it even goes into you. Even if you see a bubbling reaction when pouring hydrogen peroxide on your cut, it is not a sign of disinfecting it's just a chemical reaction that does not really help you. Instead of pouring hydrogen peroxide just run cold water over it and apply some antibiotic ointment on the cut.

In fact hydrogen peroxide helps treat ear infections. Ear infections are caused by bacteria in the wax that builds up inside your ear. The hydrogen peroxide causes a chemical reaction with the bacteria which results in visible bubbling. Hydrogen peroxide dissolves the bacteria and wax making it effective as a home remedy to treat an ear infection.