Some questions??? to ask yourself, in case you experience these type of situations in the pharmacy. You will definitely encounter these situations! (feel free to contact me for advice towards these type of situations)

  1. When preparing prescriptions for a patient with limited vision, what are some things you can do to help differentiate between his medications?
  2. How would you to communicate with a patient who is hearing impaired?
  3. How would you take action when patients are angry or upset?
                          Try out some scenarios below:

  1. On a very busy day in the pharmacy, the following patients have arrived with prescriptions. If they arrived in the following order, indicate by numbering the order in which they might be filled.

 ________ Mrs. Jones has six refill bottles.

 ________ Mr. Smith has just seen the doctor for his yearly check-up and has five new prescriptions for his maintenance medications.

 ________ Mrs. Angelo has bought her ill child to see the doctor and has prescriptions for an antibiotic and an otic solution. The baby is crying.

 ________ Jane Saver has arrived from the dental clinic where two teeth were extracted. She has a prescription for a pain killer, and blood drips on the counter as she stumbles to find a seat.

     2. Chris Keller refuses counseling from the pharmacist as he picks up his prescription for Cipro. He says he has taken it before and knows all about it. As you ring up the OTC items he wants to purchase, you notice a bottle of Tums. He tells you that Cipro caused him to have an unsettled stomach the last time he took it, so he wants to take a Tums with each dose. How would you involve the pharmacist without upsetting the patient? Is it necessary to even get the pharmacist involve? If yes why? If no why?

     3. Joan Kennedy arrives at the pharmacy counter to pick up her prescription refill for the Plavix she been taking since her recent heart attack. She asks you to also ring up her OTC purchase of Bufferin Arthritis Strength (Aspirin) as she has been experiencing some morning stiffness in her hands. Why would you want to involve the pharmacist in this transaction?