Alligation Medial


     Alligation Medial is quite calculated differently than your usual alternate Alligation (tic tac toe) Method! I decided to review the Alligation Medial Method because many techs tend to get confuse by it because of the name similarity.




Define: The Alligation Medial is used to calculate to figure out the total % strength when two or more liquid solutions are mixed.


Define: The Alligation (tic tac toe) Method is used to calculate when two solution strengths (%) is mixed into the desired strength (prescribed by dr.) to get a specific amount of milliliter for each two solution strengths (%) as explained above to equal our final liquid (ml) volume that was prescribed as given.







Ex 1) What is the percentage of alcohol in the following mixture?


            Alcohol 2%      5 ml

            Alcohol 4%     10 ml



Step 1: Add the quantity of all milliliter components

                 5 ml + 10 ml = 15 ml


Step 2: Multiply the quantity of each milliliter component used in the mixture by it's corresponding % strength, and then add up the products


               * 5 ml x 2% = 10

               * 10 ml x 4% = 40

               * 10 + 40 = 50


Step 3: Divide the final value from step 2 by the final value in step 1


                  50 / 15 ml = 3.33%  answer





                    What is the percentage of alcohol in the following mixture?


                                Tincture A- 110 ml              35% alcohol

                                Tincture B- 220 ml             25% alcohol

                                Tincture C- 330 ml             20% alcohol






                                                                 Answer: 24.17%